“thank you”

•25/03/2010 • 4 Comments
she's my priestess, I'm her priest

i had to snap this and dedicate it to all my "friends"-loving friends


green plan(e)ts

•24/03/2010 • Leave a Comment
there are actually only four pots... i was just testing you!

five lovely plant pots in front of a high-class hotel in diagonal mar

fish and… chick?

•23/03/2010 • 2 Comments
at least it´s not a fried mars bar...

the mapfre towers and the fish of puerto olímpico in the distance

creatures from another dimension

•22/03/2010 • 3 Comments
"all the creatures on the beaches / making waves in a motion picture"

strange buildings viewed from a park in forum - diagonal mar area

flores navarro

•21/03/2010 • 3 Comments
flowers 24/7

always open on c/valencia

in the twilight

•20/03/2010 • 2 Comments
"that´s because you believe only the lies... the camouflage."

tibidabo, church of sagrat cor - always mysterious to me

in front or behind bars

•19/03/2010 • 1 Comment
subconscious context design FAIL

external view of "ciudad de la justicia"... reminds me of prison cell bars