the kiss

"suck my kiss / kiss me please pervert me"

inside the bar "drapaire", in the city center


~ by lena on 07/02/2010.

4 Responses to “the kiss”

  1. The perspective is nice, but the rail in the forground is awesome!

    • at first, i only read the part up to the “but” in the comment preview and expected serious criticism. now that i’ve read the rest of the sentence, i’m kind of dissapointed 🙂 glad you like it, though!

  2. The colours, the rail and the perspective are great, but I find that the true protagonist of the picture is the wrist. The endless kiss in the background is opposed to the fleeting position of the hand, whose fugacious destiny is to change rapidly as time passing on that wonderful watch!

    • aaah! a true connoiseur, at last! you, sir, have recognized the enchanting subject that charmed my senses and which i was – alas! in vain! – trying to capture on film. fugacious destiny, in deed. judging from the beauty in your comment, i dare suspect that you might be the owner of as beauteous a wrist (and watch!), as the ones pictured in my humble intent on photography…
      visit us again!

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