el corazón del raval

"hearts about to palpitate / and i´m not about to hesitate"



~ by lena on 14/02/2010.

7 Responses to “el corazón del raval”

  1. …and this is a very sad picture indeed…

    • really?!? i’ve always found this place – and by extension, the picture – very calm, cheerful and serene!

      • I am starting now a very big discussion, and of course, as always, I don’t know if I am right. Most probably I am wrong, but lets give it a try…

        First of all, I know that it is difficult to produce at least on photo everyday for your blog, and that you don’t try to make perfect photographs, just to create a certain atmosphere. In this mindset, I was always comment on the good aspects of your photographs and didn’t try to express the analysis of the subject or the meaning that your photograph expressed. I think it is obvious what you are trying to state in many of your pictures, and I find it meaningless to restate it. (In an unsuccessful comparison: It is like someone watching the famous painting Guernica and expressing the view that is about the tragedies of war and the suffering it inflicts upon individuals. Except of obvious remark is also pointless.)

        You know that I am a regular visitor to your blog, and I haven’t commented on the pictures that didn’t appeal to me. This is due to the fact that I don’t believe in negative criticism in photography. I don’t believe it because no two people will see things in the exact same way. When I take a photograph, it’s a great learning process for me. Each person that describes it or looks at it, has a totally different way of seeing it. People see colors differently; they see different things in the same picture. They interpret what they ‘re seeing based on their own intellect.

        As it can been seen from my previous comments (except for some irrelevant comments asking you stuff or stating that it reminded me something), most of them point out what in your photo gained my interest and gave me more than one things to think about. Their implicit meaning was: “I like ‘a’, ‘b’ or ‘c’. If you like it too well done and if you are interested maybe you can work more on them. But if you didn’t beware it might be a distraction to your photo.”. If you identify what gained my interest, you’ll see that is things like light, forms, perspective, composition, color, tones, shapes, nature and many more. I like these because they are pure in nature, and so capable of expressing any emotion. Essentially, photography is a collection of light to communicate. It communicates fact and emotion.

        I always comment on the little things, and never on the meaning of the photo. But for the first time I am writing a different comment and rather pointless as I may say. Sure, everything you say about the picture are true! But I don’t anything about the place. Maybe I just got misguided by the extreme symbolism in this photo. An empty road, loneliness, valentines day for all the others, even the empty street tells that “you must be happy today”, etc etc etc… Finally I get a sense of alienation or disaffectedness! :-S

        Sorry for the lengthy and awkward comment I wrote you, no bad feelings huh? Kisses, Harry

      • there are never harsh feelings and there have never been and probably, there never will be. so once again, i don’t see the need for lengthy justifications, but suit yourself! whatever works 😉

        my comment reply was far from annoyance. it came out of amusement, actually, because i was musing about the versatility of photography and art interpretation in general. what strikes one person as serene, strikes another as tragic. it’s fascinating.

        i was laughing while writing, because i couldn’t help but think of so many high-school teachers, asking the students “what is the artist trying to convey?” 🙂

        in reality, no one has any idea what the artist was trying to convey – and i firmly believe that it really doesn’t matter. it’s up to you interpret and that´s the beauty of it.

      • Funny, I think that once again we are saying the same thing with totally different words. (and that’s another beautiful thing) 😉

        The lengthy comment was to justify the difference of this comment with the previous one. As I wrote also in the comment, you probably won’t see a similar comment in the future :-P. As proven by the whole thread, it is pointless.

        Until next time, I tirelessly remain,
        Your friendly blog viewer

  2. For one more about the high school teachers about art. I refrained form reading literature for exactly the years I had literature courses in school.

    For some twist of mind, “raval” always brought me in mind “naval” and its rambla the river that flows to the sea (delta/port/call it as you prefer).

    I will take the title as the corason del naval and i will continue my thoughts sailing with light heart 🙂

    ΥΓ: Ελπίζω να μην πειράζει το άσχετο της εικόνας

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