this must have been a kiss…

insert "love is..." aforism here

snapped while waiting to be seated in a traditional catalan restaurant


~ by lena on 13/03/2010.

5 Responses to “this must have been a kiss…”

  1. Alternatively:
    (voices of children, happy rythm) Το παπούτσι σου βρωμάει, άλλαξέ το!

    • oh, hello there, my innocent stalking victim! 🙂 you and your shoes (stinking or not) look lovely!

      • Hope I didn´t ruin the romantic atmosphere! “love is…”, “kiss”, and then after a while, the stinking shoes song…

        It’s 2/2 for this restaurant! There must be something that ruins the initially charming atmosphere. Maybe a childrens’ song, or a behind-the-kitchen hidden hall where they put you after they’ve tricked you in with the beautiful entrance hall… You call it 🙂

  2. Tina and Stelios, I guess? 😀

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